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Weight Management

Has your horse had a dental in the last year?

Could my horse have gastric Ulcers?

How old is your horse?

What is your horses body Score?

Hallmarks of Weight Gain

1. Feed a senior feed or add up to 2 cups of corn oil in regular feed per day. Senior feed has more fat and calories per lb. than other feeds. Senior feed is expensive so if this is not an option, begin adding in corn oil to the grain, up to 2 cups per day.

2. Feed multiple times per day. Feed less feed 2-3 Times per day instead of a lot of grain all at once. If you are strapped for time, a 3rd feeding can be given 3 hours after the second.

3. Add alfalfa into the diet. As little as 3-4 lbs. of alfalfa 2-3 times a day as hay, cubes, or pellets will increase weight gain. If your horse has dental problems, please SOAK cubes or pellets!

Body Scoring

Body Score Chart